Our mission is to unlock the value of transactions data – for everyone

Aiconic is a machine learning and engineering company that builds systems to help discover and create financial identities that improve existing and future services and products.

The promise of a financial identity

Starting from the time of the home desktop computer with a dial up connection, individuals have built out extensive digital aliases through social and professional profiles. These aliases have been analyzed over time to understand societal values.

We are building the systems necessary to dig deeper. We want to go beyond the surface level aliases and utilize a user's financial history to truly understand consumer values, because that is how we improve our products and services for the future.

Why AIconic

Aiconic builds machine learning solutions based on real problems for real people

We Conduct Rigorous Research

Our team of machine learning researchers and engineers actively publishes at top ML conferences like ICML, AISTATS, NeurIPS and UAI. We strive to be up to date with the latest research results to ensure our solutions are future proof.

We Advise Leading Organizations

We have experience working with real data in complex environments, advising leading companies in industries such as banking, e-commerce and manufacturing to create lasting value from within their organizations.

We Build Solutions That Work

Combining deep machine learning and domain knowledge, we design and tailor our products based on the end user's security, infrastructure, and scalability requirements to ensure our solutions work every time.

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