Open Positions: full stack | data engineering | machine learning

Locations: Amsterdam, Vienna

At Aiconic, we move, merge and build machine learning systems using billions of rows and Terabytes of data reliably and reproducibly. We work on hard problems where the right choice matters, as people rely on our algorithms to make their most important decisions. We care more about people’s ability to learn faster than their experience with certain libraries or systems. Our engineering culture values the academic method and good code.

We offer our candidates to work on meaningful problems with committed and talented coworkers and the opportunity to shape the future steadily but surely.

We are constantly looking for individuals with a track record of exceptionalism to join our growing team - Hackathon winners, research publishers, Meetup organizers, Kaggle masters or extraordinary project owners. ​

Our Hiring Process:

  1. Pre-Screening, Resume, Motivation
  2. Machine Learning / Data / Coding Challenge
  3. Interview with the Aiconic team
  4. Review of something you created
  5. Reimbursed on-site with the team
  6. Offer
If you reside in the European Union, or are considered for a position in the European Union, please feel free to learn how we collect and use your information, and learn about your rights under GDPR in the Aiconic EU Candidate Privacy Statement.