Machine Learning Advisory

AI & ML technology is constantly evolving. Organizational and customer expectations are always changing.

Aiconic's professionals help companies of any size stay ahead of the game with customized solutions, strategies, and prototypes.


Technical & business consulting on machine learning solutions

Opportunity Discovery

Aiconic project and machine learning professionals have a wide variety of experience working with real data challenges that organizations may face. We help companies and teams identify issues in data collection processes and identify relevant data opportunities.

Data Exploration & Analysis

Aiconic works closely with organizations of any size to conduct exploratory data analysis as part of the ML model designing, planning, and development process. Through this process, Aiconic professionals provide organizations data-based insights and recommendations.

Custom ML Algorithms

The Aiconic team is dedicated to helping design customized machine learning algorithms that can be implemented within an organization's existing workflows. Whether it's an internal process or a customer facing feature, we combine the latest academic knowledge with practical experience to ensure our clients stay ahead of the curve.


Innovative systems built through the whole development cycle

ML Solutions Development

Aiconic team assists organizations to develop, improve, and streamline critical business processes & infrastructure. We are a one-stop company for developing ML-based software and solutions.

Web Application Development

Aiconic team assists organizations with machine learning-based web development services to enhance their organizational efficiency and customer experience.

Enterprise Solutions

We work with business owners and leaders in organizations to optimize their operations by discovering valuable insights from raw data, automating manual processes, and implementing cutting-edge solutions.

Our Process

Know what to expect with Aiconic's development process

Aiconic's process includes:

  1. Gathering and clarifying the product, data, business, and algorithmic requirements with the objective of delivering an automated system
  2. Processing, exploring and analyzing the available datasets, whether they're from internal data sources or public domain
  3. Formulating the technical roadmap and deliverables collaborately
  4. Designing & implementing models while adjusting iteratively through testing
  5. Working with your organization to deploy the final customized system

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