Systems built for transactions data

Retail banking is changing at an unprecedented rate. Success in this industry depends on leveraging emerging technologies while also delivering a modern customer experience.

By utilizing the latest machine learning technology, Aiconic works with retail banks to provide bespoke customer-centric solutions powered by transactional data analysis – dynamic loan origination, integrated KYC, and insightful customer service just became a lot easier.


A transaction-driven approach to knowing your customers

Transaction Categorization

Aiconic's ML-driven classification algorithms make sense of every day transactions and classify them consistently across categories, institutions, regions, and transaction types.

Merchant Identification

Even if the counter party name is noisy or incomplete, Aiconic's data processes can parse and identify merchants in order to paint a more accurate and standardized picture of a transactional history.

Recurrence Recognition

To better estimate future expense scenarios, Aiconic's ML algorithms recognize recurring transaction patterns that cannot be easily detected by traditional data analytics tools or  humans.

Income Verification

Aiconic's income verification feature identifies income streams through our data intelligence tools to enhance your credit decisioning engine.

Our process

Tailored enterprise solution for your organization

End-to-End Implementation

Aiconic project team works closely with your organization's technical and HR teams through the full development lifecycle.

White-Labeled Deployment

Deploy the solution in-house or hosted on the cloud with the customization that fits your organization's process, image, and brand.

Cross-Functional Integration

Aiconic solutions integrate with existing services and databases to boost cross-functional collaboration, create lasting value, and grow with the organization.

Single Platform

Take advantage of a single platform with a tailored experience for business leaders and employees addressing the requirements unique to your market and customers.

Experience a smarter machine learning solution for retail banks

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